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**What is a decimal?**

**Practice Identifying Decimals**

**Practice Comparing Decimals**

Decimal Names Help Notes

**Scott Foresman Etools**
**Decimal Squares**

**BBC's Fractions, Decimals, Percents Game**
**Power Football**

**Play Rounding Off**

**Review & Take a Decimals Test**
Place Value Pirates
**Railroad Repair**
Late Delivery
Builder Ted Game
**Decimal Names-AAAMath**
Flip Charts

Decimal Unit Flp

Decimal Units & Tenths

Decimals - Hundredths boxes

Decimals - units & Hundredths

Decimals - word form

Decimal Names - Hundredths

Decimal, Fraction or Mixed Number

Mixed Numbers to decimals

Decimal Addition

Decimal Multiplication

Compare decimals

Place Value Chart

Decimal Rounding

Compare Decimals 2

Decimal Review

Decimal Names - tenths 2