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**Identify Geometric Shapes**
3D shapes ppt

Triangles ppt

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LEAP Lesson 2 Lines...
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Quadrilaterals 1 PPT Monica Yukaistis

Area and Perimeter
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LEAP Data lesson 3 :probabiliry
Locate the Aliens game
Space Boy to the Rescue Game

Perimeter (easy)

Perimeter (harder)


Area of a rectangle (multiply)

Area & Perimeter

Area & Perimeter

Lines, Rays, Segments

Notes - Angles

Notes - lines, rays, segments

Solids - Polygons

Polygon Questions

Polygon Crytogram

Slides, Flips Turns Assessment

Slides - shapes cut out

Slides, flips, turns gameboard

Slides games info.

Possible Outcomes Treews 1
Possible Outcomes WS 2

Possible Outcomes Ws 3

Possible Outcomes Ws

Possible Outcomes Ws

Possible Outcomes word problems

The answer to a division problem * quotient
The answer to a multiplication problem * product
Any shape that is closed and has straight lines * polygon
A three sided polgyon * triangle
A four sided polygon * quadrilateral
A five sided polygon * pentagon
A six sided polygon * hexagon
An eight sided polygon * octagon
A triangle with 2 sides the same length *isosceles
A triangle with all sides the same length * equilateral
A triangle with no sides the same length * scalene
A quadrilateral with all sides the same length and four right angles * square
A quadrilateral with opposite sides the same length and four right angles* rectangle


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