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Line Plots & Data
Practice Making Graphs
Practice Interpreting Data
BBC - Handling Data
Learn About Line Plots
How To Make a Line Plot
Line Plots Instructions
Sample Line Plots
Raisin Line Plots
People In Our Families Lesson
M&M Lesson
Worksheet for Projector
Ed Helper WS
LPB Graphs,charts, data
Study Zone Representing Data
More Study zone
LEAP Data Lesson 2
My flip chart
Mean, Median, Mode Flip chart
with checking for line plot bar graph
blank document
My bar graph flip chart:
My pictograph flip chart
My line graph flip chart:
graph review flip chart

Mean, Median, Mode, Range
BBC Interactive Site
Flip Chart
BBC Interpret Data
Range - Quizville
Plop It

Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Graphs, Pictographs
Study zone Line Graphs
Flip chart - all graphs
Basic Intro to graphs flip chart
Graph Practice Flip chart
Fruit Loops to the Max
Teacher Tube Videos
Pictograph PPT
Baseball Interactive pictograph
Birthday Pictograph
Pictograph Flip Chart
Study Zone Line Graph ppt
Graph review ppt

Shodor "How I spend my day" Pie Graph Interactive

Study zone PPT
Ordered Pairs PPT
Billy Bug
Beacon Interactive
Fun Brain coordinates
Flip chart 1
Flip Chart 2
Flip chart 3


Bar Graph (easy)

Horizontal Bar (easy)

Bar Graph (medium)

Bar Graph (hardest)

Bar Graph (medium)

Line Graph 1 (easy)

Line Graph 2 Harder

Pie Graph 1

Blank Bar Graph

Pictograph - easy

Stuffed Animal Pictograph (easy)[[file:stuffed-animal-pictograph.pdf]]

Post Office Pictograph (medium)

Bird Watching pictograph (medium)

French Restaurant Pictograph - Med. Hard

Pumpkin -Med

Ed Helper WS
Find the Mean WS
Mean, median,mode WS
Teachology Graph WS
Blank bar Graph WS
Interpret bar graph ws
Blank Horizontal Bar Graph ws
Ed Helper Bar Graph ws
My Test book WS
Pictograph ws
Blank Pictograph ws
Pictograph ws
Rescue Mission Ws
Rescue Mission Activity
coordinates ws
Coordinates Ws
Make a Line Graph ws
Make a line graph
Graphs WS
Line Graph ws
Line Graph ws
Easy line graph
Use Tally chart to Make bar graph ws
Pie Charts (GO)
Circle Chart ws