Unit 1
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Enduring Understandings Card

Math vocabulary cards with definitions

Vocabulary & Objectives

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Writing Prompts
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Problem Solving Strategies
Study tips for Math ppt
How To Study for Test
Hundreds charts
Camping Recording Sheet
Recording sheet Recreation

Recording Sheet Food

EDC Quiz

Journal Rubric
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Rounding Practice 1 ws 1.2
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Unit 1 GLE's :

GLEs: 1, 2, 5, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 38, 42, 43

LEAP Units to cover:

Unit 1 GLEs

Time Line

Every Day Counts Flip chart for August


1. TTW introduce Touch points on numbers and write them in LEAP notebook.
TLW practice adding 1, 2 digit columns of numbers. Rally Write with wipe erase board,adding columns of numbers.
TLW practice place value using cards and shoulder partner.

Lesson 1.1
Day 1:
O. Understanding 1000
1. August flip chart for EDC
2. Review place value with the story in the flip chart which introduces the base 10 system:
1.Roll die, create 6 digit #. Note the place & value each time.
2. TLW review LEAP tutoring lesson 1. Complete whole group on the elmo.
LEAP Number Lesson 1 flip chart:
3. Begin creating 1000's book.Model 1stpage.Discuss even & odd, patterns, row, column. Interactive Hundreds Chart
3. What did you notice about the 1000's book?
4. Journal: Calculator. Add odds and even numbers/ What Happens?
H. SS 13

Day 2:

1. Review homework.
2. Discuss row and column.
What numbers will the 1st, 2nd, 3rd pages start and end with?
Can you find a way to write some numbers on a 100s chart,
but not all of them?
3. Use SS15 and calculator on OH to work on
How Many Jumps to 1000; challenge: How many 100s charts to get 10,000?
4. LEAP Number Lesson 1

Extra Day:
1. Discuss RICE with PPT .
Basic Problems to Solve in ppt
2.Read Draw, solve word problem: or problems in top table.
3. Practice place and valuewith worksheetlink.
3. LEAP Number Lesson3: http://www.louisianaschools.net/lde/uploads/2098.pdf
H. Finish Student sheet 9 and 10.
H. Worksheet from link site above.
(2 days);column, row, corner, chart,
even, odd ; make 1000 booklet
Place Value Intro Flp
Place Value & Numeration flp
Place Value flp
Interactive Base 10 blocks Place Value Flip Charts
Lage Numbers flp
Student Sheet 13
Student Sheet 14
Student sheet 15.
Close to 100 game flip chart
Week 2

Week 2

Day 1
TLW understand numbers in the millions using standard, expanded, and word form.

Whole Group:
Review skip counting with Study zone Lesson
Review standard, expanded, word form: Study Zone Lesson
Introduce standard expanded and word form with flip chart and practice reading large numbers.
Text pg. 8-9
Small Group:
1. Text pg. 9 and 11 with teacher (start with red group)
2. Computer Practice naming the value of a digit:
Learning Site: http://www.coolmath4kids.com/addition/03-addition-lesson-place-values-01.html
3. Place Value Partners game: http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/center_placevaluepartners.pdf
4. Place value cut and paste activity.http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/place-value-cut1.pdf
H. finish pg. 9, 11
LEAP Number Lesson 2: Comparing Numbers
Vocabulary: estimate, numberal, comparison, solution, digit, rounding,

Lesson 1.2

Week 2 Day 2
1. Estimate - tell about how much
2. Numeral - number
3. Comparison - tell how things are alike or different
4. Solution - the answer
5. Digit - number
6. Front end estimation - when you decide what to round, you look only at the first
digits of the numbers.
7. Rounding - replacing a number with a number that tells about how many or how much.
8. Inequalities A number sentence that uses the greater than sign or the less than sign
to show that two expressions do not have the same value. > greater than < = =
LEAP Number Lesson 2 : Comparing Numbers: http://www.louisianaschools.net/lde/uploads/2097.pdf
TLW Place value to compare and order numbers.
Whole Group:
1. EDC calendar math
2. Check homework pg. 9, 11
3. Study zone site: www.sudyzone.org/testprep/topic.cfm?TopicID=496 for review and practice.
4. Review pg. 16-17 in text.
H. pg. Pg 19 #24-28
Small Group
1. Teacher: Text pg. 14 – a review of standard, expanded, word form/ and 18.
2. Text pg. 18 (green) all 7-28; yellow group 7-19; red group # 7-14 all
3. Place Value Partners game:
4. Place value cut and paste
Day 3

TLW use Place value to round numbers.
Materials: Baggies of cereal or handfuls . Estimate. Count to get an exact amount-
groups of 10.
Whole Group
1. EDC calendar math
2. check homework.
3. Introduce estimating with hand out handfuls of cereal to each student.
4. TLW create a rounding tape using a hundreds chart.
Color the multiples of 10 red. Color the multiples of 5 and the numbers following (6-9)green. Cut
apart and tape together to form one long chain. Practice rounding using the tape.

Small Group:
1. Teacher- -place value review: Differentiated Worksheets for groups:
(green group )
red group Place Value to millions
-Rounding worksheet 1
2. Highest Number Game: Roll a die 3 times. Write the numbers in an order to make the largest number. Write on wipe erase with buddy.
3. Use pan balance to estimate two amounts of cereal or beans… to get them even then count .
4. Computer Rounding Flash Cards
5. Text pg. 21 (finish for homework.)
Rounding Power Point Presentation, lessons, and practice
AAA Math Rounding Lesson and Practice
More Interactive Rounding Pract5. Practice Rounding to 100 with "Close To 100" Game.

Week 2 Day 4
Whole Group:
1. EDC
2. Review Rounding with power point: http://www.vickimartinez.com/math_rounding_ppt1.ppt
check homework worksheet
Review standard, expanded, word form with large numbers:
3. Review comparing numbers:
Small Group
1. Teacher: study guide review
2. Make the largest number – roll die and write on board
3. LEAP number lesson 2 Student sheet 7 and 8
H. Study for a test

.Mr. Nussbaum Rounding

SF GLE page 15 and 16. Test on adding in word prob?
SF text pg. 62-65
"How Much is A Million?" Book
H. SF R15, R16, .

. SF pg. 68-71 (Front end estimation)
or Rounding ws Rounding worksheet 2 (These may be hard.)
Review rounding.Flip Chart1
Rounding Game Also see rounding wiki page.
Review RICE.

Week 3

Check Points in Math Test

Review standard, expanded, and word form with Lesson 1.2 Find your partner cards. Discuss the worksheet:
(3 days)
SS 16
SS 17_1
SS 17_2

Rounding Intro ppt:
Rounding PPT
Rounding Key Words PPt
Rounding and Adding PPT
Studyzone Rounding Lessons
Rounding Flashcards
AAA Rounding
Webmath Interactive Rounding practice
Mr. Nussbuam's Rounding Practice
Lesson 1.3
(3 days) 10,000 chart
Lesson 1.4

Week 4
Day 1 (Monday)
TLW review addition and subtraction word problems and the RICe Process.
TLW review rounding.
TLW review the test study guide.

1. Rice PPT to review Addition and Subtraction Key words. Use teacher made flip
chart to review rice, addition, subtraction key words, and rounding.
2. Review study guide.
3. Assessment: GLE Assesment book page 14-15 and 16-17 worksheets.
Homework: Study for a test using study guide. Rounding, standard, expanded, word form.

Study Guide

Day 2 (Tuesday)
1. Test
2. Problem of the Week WS or Read It Draw It Solve it.
There are 44 ears. How many dogs? How man legs? How many claws?

Day 3 (Wednesday)

TLW review adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers (Shows adding and subtracting
with base 10 blocks and expanded form. This helps review the process of borrowing and carrying.
TLW review the math test.
TLW begin the September calendar and introduce the Daily Depositor and filling in the calendar and keeping track of money.

1. LEAP Number Lesson 7: http://www.doe.state.la.us/lde/uploads/2102.pdf
Teacher Made flip chart
2. EDC calendar worksheet.
Day 4
Objective: TLW understand that a dime is one tenth of a dollar and a penny is one hundredth of a dollar.
1. Every Day Calendar Math Activities will be completed. Pass out calculators to explore even + even = even, even + odd = odd, odd + odd = even. Make a chart.
2. Review the vocabulary: Estimate, rounding, digit, numeral, solution, sum, difference, inequalities

3. Review reading large numbers. Write 5 large numbers on the board. Turn to your neighbor and practice reading it. One person from each group read it to class.
4. Study zone lesson ppt on decimals and money:


Practice Counting Money with this flip chart. (http://www.prometheanplanet.com/server.php?show=ConResource.8720)
Basic Practice Counting and comparing money flip chart:
Flip chart: http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/money_20070312101546.flp
Money Practice:http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/money_practice_20061127083304.flp

(4 days) Place Value PPt lg.#
numberline, expanded form, word form, digits, period, rounding
greater than symbol, less than symbol, Read and understand problem
solving, plan and solve problem solving . See Problem solving ppt
comparing Numbers ppt SF pg. 4-24; 40-41
spin win ws

Lesson 1.5
Week 5
Day 1 Check points test. H. Study for a test. http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/sum_diff_flipchart.flp

Day 2:
Review http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/sum_diff_flipchart.flp
Weekly Test This test is for last week's work.
Check pg. 29 # 1-13

Day 3
Check homework.EDC . Weekly Math worksheet.
TLW practice counting and adding money.Pass out wipe erase boards.

2. Review countinging money with flip chart.
3. Text pg. 31 # 1-13. Start center rotations as time permits.

Day 3

Day 3 Thursday
Week 5 Day 4 (Friday) Station Rotation with the above.
1. TLW choose 2 grocery store items from a list, record what they are and their prices and use play money to show two different ways to make that amount. Student sheet 1 (Materials needed: 10-15 pantry items. Prices should be posted on the items, play money in bags).
2. Choose one of the restaurant menus.Order 3 or more things for lunch. You have a $10 budget.List the food and price of each item. Find the total cost. Student sheet 2 (Materials needed: 2- 3 menus from local diners).
3. TLW use a book order and a form to spend $100. (Materials needed: a book order a recording sheet, calculator) Student Sheet 3
Homework: Text pg. 54 Set 1-10.

Day 4 (Friday)
Finish station rotation.EDC. Weekly Math worksheet.

Day 5 (Monday)
finish station rotation. Collect weekly math.
Review teacher made study guide.

(3 days)SS 1 SS 2 SS 3
SS 4
Number Lesson 3
Lesson 1.6
Day 1 (TLW estimate and add money with and without calculator.)
Intro to making change ppt:

Making Change flip chart

Flavor Fiesta Flip Chart

Lesson 1.6 http://tiny.cc/IeOJj Use calculator to add and subtract $
1. ED'C 2. Check subtraction ws.
3. TLW learn how to find change by subtracting. Ppt: http://tiny.cc/EFHSt
4. Flip chart: http://tiny.cc/cQgQs TLW use wipe erase boards to
work through the flip chart.
5. Review directions for pg. 33
1. TLW work with teacher to review subtraction with regrouping.
2. TLW work on money centers.
H. pg. 33

Day 2
Whole Group
Lesson 1.6
1. EDC
2. Check homework pg. 33
3. TLW practice giving back change with Fiesta Flip Chart: http://tiny.cc/eM5TP
Use wipe erase boards and calculators.

4. TLW practice working with calculator through teacher made flip chart:

1. Practice subtraction across zeroes. http://tiny.cc/pOw7C
2. TLW work through money centers and practice giving change.
3. Today’s Math pg. 97 Exactly a dollar.
Introduce and work on
stations using student sheets in right column.

Day 3
Whole Group:
1. EDC
2. Check pg. 97 Today’s Math
3. TTW introduce work on stations
1. Money on the calculator: http://tiny.cc/Qzdl4
2.Beat the calculator: http://tiny.cc/rUcGO
3. One lunch order: http://tiny.cc/Szmz7
H. Short quiz on adding money and making change. Prob of week due.

Day 4
1. EDC
2. Review center information.
3. Weekly Quiz
4. Collect problem of the week.
Read, Draw , solve it problem on board for completion. http://tiny.cc/Tw0oA # 2.
Finish up stations as needed after the quiz.

( 2 days) SS 6 SS 7 SS 7.2
SS 8 Success Net grocery receipts, menus from restaurants,student lunch
orders, coins, bills

Study Guide

Lesson 1.7

Computer Centers this week:
Flash card fact practice: http://www.aplusmath.com/Flashcards/
Rounding Flash cards : http://www.aplusmath.com/Flashcards/rounding.html
Prongo Batters up multiplication game: http://www.prongo.com/math/
Dositey subtraction game with 3 numbers: http://www.dositey.com/addsub/mystery1SS.htm

This lesson recommends that students role play shopping at a store.
Partners ( groups of 4- 2 to play shopper and 2 to play sales person)
have play money and catalogs. They pick one item to buy and practice
counting back change.
The worksheets to the right are menus and questions. Extra worksheets
are provided as needed for classes.
The test for this lesson is from the gc and requires students to complete
a large order much like the center with the book order form.
No study guide is provided.

Day 1 Lesson
1. EDC: Review the attributes of square and rectangle: stress these words parallel, right angles,
opposites sides, line segment, congruent, rotation, closed figures.
2. Practice Multiplication facts. Distribute Problem of the week ws.
3. Practice Adding items on a cash register receipt pg. 71 Play money can be made
available for practicing counting up change.
Small group:
1. and
H.Shopping quiz

Day 2
Whole Group:
1. EDC
2. check yesterday's work together.
3. Review the stations below.
Small Group stations.
3. Shopping Quiz links below.
Practice the above center with a partner.
5. Store station: One or two students are the customer. One or two students are the clerk. Gather baggies of money for groups to use and catalogs for students to practice picking one item. Give the money without exact change to the clerk. The clerk counts up change.

Day 3
Whole Group
1. EDC
2. Review yesterday's work.
3. TLW practice multiplying multipling items to get a total WS ( ex. 2 cans of soup at .25 = .50)
pg. 81

4. Money Centers and # 10 rtf and 11.
Low group works with teacher.
H. Finish all worksheets. Problem of the week is due Thursday.

Day 4
1. EDC
2. Review yesterday's work.
3. collect problem of the week and review answers on elmo.
4. LEAP Tutoring Lesson 22 on money word problems.
Finish stations:
H. Study for a test.

Day 5
1. EDC
2. Review
3.Lesson 1.7 quiz worksheet 1 and quiz worksheet 2Other resource worksheets

(4 days) Counting up, making change, number sentence, sum SS 10 SS 11
Menu 1Menu 2 Quiz
Assessment Checkpt.; possible combinations of coins;
Lesson 1.8
Decimals and Problem Solving.

Computer Center this week:
RailRoad Repair (decimals) http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/games/decimals/decimals.html
Draggable subtraction http://www.mrnussbaum.com/draggable.htm
Find a friend (adding multiple numbers mentally) http://www.eduplace.com/kids/mw/swfs/faf_grade5.html
Day 1

1. EDC
2. LEAP Number Lesson 10 This is the decimal lesson.
3. Review and hand out problems of the week.

Day 2
Whole Group

1. EDC. This week stress the names of the polygons: triangle,quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon
2. Decimals and problem solving: Teacher will show students how play money can relate
to decimal models. Represent $2.38 using play money and decimal models. 8 pennies can
also be thought of as 8 hundredths. then show study zone ppt: http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/math4/d/decimals4l.cfm

3. Using the Organize your money document on the right.
  • Students will take turns showing the amounts of money with play money
and then coloring in the decimal models: $3.78, $0.12, $4.50, and $0.08.
  • Teacher will review: dime is one-tenth; penny is one-hundredth, and the decimal.
  • Students will complete page 29(this is a review of adding money), lesson continues p.34 – 35(decimals), students will complete
Small Group:
  • page 36, 37 in textbook.
  • Practice multiplication with center flash cards or bingo
  • Homework practice page 9 & 12 OR problem solving page 9 & 12 or decimal worksheets 1 or 2
    Day 3
    Whole Group

    1. EDC: Review polygon names
    2.Students will review homework and discuss the following questions:
  • Why is a dime one tenth of a dollar?
  • Why is a penny one hundredth of a dollar?
3.Use the Organizing your money document to shade in the corresponding spaces on the grid for , .25, 25%; ½, .50, 50%; ¾, .75, 75%; 100/100, 1 whole, 100%.
3. TTW review Translating Words to Expressions SF pg. 94 or teacher made flip chart.
Small Group:
1. Text pg. 95.
2. Money Center practice.
3. Text. pg. 95 with teacher for low students.
Scott Foresman – p.40-41 ( for middle and high students)
  • Homework:
  • Problems of the week are due Friday.
Day 4
1. EDC: Review polygon names.
2. Review and complete teacher made study guide.
3. TTW review the properties of addition: associative, comuter, identity text pg.62-63

4. Kagan strategy - work with a partner to play concentration or quiz quiz trade.

1. EDC.
2. Collect and review problems of the week.3.
Review decimals
Railroad Repair Game:
Place Value Pirates
Algebra Review
Builder Ted
3. Complete teacher made study guide and review flip chart.
Study Guide:
H. Study for a test.

3. Weekly Quiz.
4. Early finisher work on algebra addition word problems http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/algebra_1_add.docx.
(2 days) Money/decimals; SF p 28-9 ; SF 34-41; organize money Relate
fractions to decimals to percent: 1/4 ; 1/2 ; 3/4 .Study zone ppt
Use the following as needed.
Counting Money flp

Counting coins flp Count How Much Money Flp
Lesson 1.9
Checking account
Check register
Running balance

Day 1

1. EDC
2. Review times tables for 6’s and copy them from the board.
3. Unit 1.9 Adding Money
TLW review adding ones, tens, hundreds, thousands with money.
Text pg. 76-79

(Use Teaching Tool 1 to review place value and adding numbers. Teaching tool 1
Dositey Math Game with regrouping Draggable Math Subtraction
Draggable Addition

Day 2 - 3
TLW practice writing checks, making deposits and recording checks in a check register.
Vocabularychecking account - an account that allows the owner to withdraw money by writing checks.
checks- the pieces of paper presented to vendors. They stand for money that can be withdrawn from an account.
check register- the place in a check book that allows you to keep track of money deposited and withdrawn from a checking account.
running balance- the record of amount of money deposited and withdrawn from a check register
deposit- the money put into an account
withdrawal- the money taken out of an account
What is a checking account?
What are some ways you can put money into (or take money out of ) a checking account?
(automatic deposit; withdrawal; ATM; writing a personal check)
What kind of information do you find on a check? What must be written on a check? Review this practice check. Use these checks to complete the following activities: student checks
1. Review Teacher made flip chart and activities. This will probably take a couple of days.

Vocabulary Fan and Pick
2. Text pg. 83 -84 subracting money practice.

Decimal Practice:
Computer Center this week:
RailRoad Repair (decimals)
Draggable subtraction **http://www.mrnussbaum.com/draggable.htm**
Find a friend (adding multiple numbers mentally) **http://www.eduplace.com/kids/mw/swfs/faf_grade5.html**

Money computer Centers:
1. Fun Brain's Change Maker: http://www.funbrain.com/cashreg/index.html
2. Count the Money Game: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/java/counting/money.html
3. Discover Coin Values: counting Money http://www.toonuniversity.com/flash.asp?err=569&engine=
4. NLVM - 3 games: exact money, make a dollar, how much money: http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/frames_asid_325_g_1_t_1.html
5. Making change: http://www.usmint.gov/kids/games/makingChange/
6. Money Flash cards: http://www.aplusmath.com/flashcards/

Day 4
1. Teacher made flip chart on writing checks. http://msmartinezclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/decimals_cents.flp

1. Parts of a check:
Parts of a check
Writing money with checks
Writing dollars and cents
2. Writing checksworksheet
3. Adding items and writing a check.
Several Purchases worksheet
4. Subtracting total from a register.

TTW review and discuss study guide.

Day 5 Test

Revised Performance Task Food Recording Sheet Food List Sheet

Check Writing Practice Sheets pg. 1 Parts of a Check pg.2 Writing Dollars and Cents pg. 3 Writing checks pg.7 Writing Checks: Adding several purchases

(3 days) SF pg 76-79; Practice Checks ; checkbook register
decimal cents flp.Parts of a check;Writing dollars & cents;writing checks;
Adding several purchases;Recording ChecksKeeping a Balance;writing checks and keeping balance Blank Register
Lexington County Math PPTs